Our Core Values         

Professionalism, discipline, hard work, sacrifice, and respect for diversity 


Sannoh & Partners has its genesis in Sannoh & Associates Law Firm which was founded by Counsellor Benedict F. Sannoh in 1987 in response to the demand to provide effective, efficient, and creative legal services to meet the distinctive needs of business entities including in particular domestic resident and nonresident corporations, and foreign investors. Sannoh & Associates then represented a number of major business and government entities including the Meridian BIAO Bank, Meridien Properties, Madison Insurance, West African Construction Company, and the Monrovia City Corporation, among others. Operations of Sannoh & Associates were temporarily halted in 2002 when it’s Founder left Liberia as a result of the civil conflict and took up appointment with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Sannoh & Associates was reactivated in July 2012, and on September 15, 2016, the Articles of Incorporation were amended to rebrand it as Sannoh & Partners, PC with the view to expand its services and induce commitment and sense of ownership on the part of the lawyers through a plan for mobility from associates to partners over time.  Notwithstanding, our philosophy remains the same; to provide excellent, professional, consistent, dependable and timely service to our clients that will enable them to achieve their business goals while minimizing legal risks. 

The Firm, as reactivated, is relatively new. This is an asset in that the Firm will devote considerable time and focus to its clients, and is not encumbered by potential conflict of interest challenges.

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